What is the difference between Mann, Chitt, and Buddhi?

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1 - Manas is your Conscious Mind and Buddhi is your Wisdom Faculty.

2 - Chitta is Subconscious Mind.

3 - On the floor of Chitta, are stored Samskaras (memories, likes, dislikes,desires, habits) - in dormant form

4 - Whenever any Samskaras get triggered, they become Vrittis (Subconscious thoughts) -. Samskaras get triggered due to Ahamkara

5 - Ahamkara is false knowledge of self i.e. when we keep considering ourselves other than Atman (true self)

6 - In this state of Ahamkara, Manas (Conscious mind) keeps continuously running under control of Vrittis (Subconscious Thoughts)

7 - Both Conscious and Subconscious thoughts reflect as Emotions. Emotions block flow of Prana (life energy) - which in long term causes diseases in Physical Body.

8 - Manas keeps trying to calm down Emotions, by bringing solutions from external world through Sensory Pleasures.

9 - Manas also runs to increase clarity of Buddhi. When you know something with utmost clarity, that means there is no further requirement to run conscious mind on that knowledge. That means clear knowledge brings Manas at peace. So whenever Subconscious pushes a confused knowledge to the screen of Manas, it starts running to remove that confusion.

10 - Clear knowledge without confusion becomes Wisdom of Buddhi. Wisdom takes you towards ultimate freedom i.e. True knowledge of self. So Wisdom washes away Ahamkara (false knowledge of self)

11 - There can be two broad paths for living.

  • Path of Awareness - You bring Manas in control of Atman by listening to your inner Wisdom (Buddhi)
  • Path of Unawareness - Manas in control of Vrittis (memories and habits)

12 - Path 1 brings Manas under your full control. Now when you fix Manas on Manas itself i.e when you watch conscious thoughts, that calms down your conscious thoughts.

13 - When you fix Manas on your Ahamkara, all vrittis die out.

15 - If you keep Chitta without Vrittis for long period of time, slowly Samskaras will dry out and just Chitta remains. This is ultimate freedom. You come to full knowledge of self (Buddhi reflecting knowledge of Atman), thus there can be no Ahamkara (false knowledge of self) now. and as there are no vrittis, no running of Manas too. You become Atman with Chitta.

16 - Manas (continuously running mind as per memories & Samskaras due to Ahamkara) should ideally lead to Chitta (Vritti less mind i.e. Atman reflecting in Chitta). Ahamkara (false knowledge of self) should ideally lead to Buddhi (right knowledge of self i.e. intelligence of Atman reflecting in Buddhi). But finally this reflecting knowledge of self also has to be transcended by being Self itself i.e. no knower just self.

17 - Mind quietens down in direct proportion to which Buddhi dominates. The more dominant Buddhi is, the more the peace; the more dominant Ahamkara is, the more the turmoil.

18 - When you take input through Path 1, the Right Knowledge occurs to Buddhi. And also no new Samskaras are stored in Chitta. Path 1 is path of Awareness

19 - When you give output through Path 1, Purushartha occurs i.e. you make your own Path unbound by destiny and also slowly Samskaras dry out.

20 - Conditioned Mind – Manas analyzing and acting based on stored data (memories & Samskaras)

21 - Sharp Buddhi means – Buddhi has so clear knowledge that it becomes very easy to make Manas act as per Buddhi instead of Samskaras

22 - Buddhi is symbol of Wisdom (which takes you to ultimate freedom) and Manas is symbol of running analyzing mind.

23 - Imagination (out of Box) – cannot be done by stored data, it can only be done by Chitta (when infinite intelligence reflects in Chitta). Normally all imagery on the screen of Manas, is made by Samskaras. To have extra ordinary imagery, one has to tap the real intelligence i.e. Atman reflecting in Chitta.

24 - Creativity – is done through Chitta (when there is no vritti i.e. when Atman reflects in Chitta)

25 - Living with Heart – in real sense means when you act with Atman (i.e. when mind remains in Chitta state)

26 - Detachment – within and without, leads to killing of Ahamkara (Ego) May True knowledge of self occur to all of us.

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